FOREX (Foreign Exchange Market) could be easily summed up as the rate of exchange of one currency to another. Forex has the largest trading volume when compared to the stock markets. The governing bodies of the countries have always made strict regulations for Forex trading and their respective brokers. This is the reason Forex trading is highly secure and more reliable form of trading. We trade several markets including FX, Indices, Commodities, Equities and Cryptos. Our trading system has a tight spread over innumerable pairs, including currencies and spot metals. Forex markets are open all throughout the day, thus allowing us to trade at our convenience. Acornsfinace uses automated trading system with quality human assistance. The system also incorporates hedging to minimise trade risks. The data on the Forex market trend is fed constantly back to the system and strategies are developed continuously. Thus the system itself is mostly automated and trading is done at high success rate. Thus our investors are not required to study the Forex market and can directly take advantage of the system and receive constant payouts. Since Forex trade works on the difference between exchange rates of two currencies, our system with high speed combined with humongous data and analytical technology, accurately makes a profitable trade on all occasions.