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Frequenlty Asked Questions

We devise solutions on behalf of cryptocurrency mining that balance the requirements of the projected parties, i.e., customers, suppliers and capital providers(investors). We have created and greatly benefit from our well- and long-established relationships with members of the global crypto-mining community in order to realize projects. We provide a multi-algorithm, multi-coin cloud mining service using the latest technology

You need to invest and get regular returns from your investment. You can also earn by referring new investors and also from our binary matching bonus system.

It is always recommended to register using a referral link, so that you are benefitted by your sponsor on building your subtree. You can also directly register through our website and the website will be redirected to the registration page with automatically generated random sponsor.

The procedure for making a withdrawal on plan 3 is to introduce two people into the company who will make a minimum of $ 5,000 each in plan 3 or you will have to deposit a $ 8,000 deposit in plan 4, if you fail to get two people who will deposit a minimum of $ 5,000 each

In order to invest, you need to first register with us. Once you have registered, you can start investing with us. Once the funds get reflected in your account balance, you need to click on Investment and make an investment.

The minimum amount to be deposited is $1000.

You can use payment processors such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. More payment method will be updated soon. We will keep you posted.

No, all profits such as return on investment (ROI), direct referral income and/or Crypto matching income are accumulated on your e-Wallet and you need to withdraw them from there to your e-currency account.

It will take anywhere from 30 seconds for any deposit to be shown in your account.

Yes, you can have unlimited number of deposits, but each of them will be treated separately.

First return on investment is received after 24 hours.

Duration needed for the funds to reflect in your wallet after withdrawal request is within 1 minute

The minimum amount allowed to withdraw is $20.

No, there are no withdrawals fee attached to withdraw your funds.

Log into your Epicfinancialservicesltd account and click on “Account Information.” You can change your account information there.

Please click on the “forgot password” link, type your username or email and you will receive your account information.

The company's investment procedures stipulate that after investing in any plan, once the investment is complete, you will move on to the next higher plan if you wish to invest again

No, our referral program is not compulsory. Referring or recruiting is not compulsory. You can earn only from your capital investments. But if you choose to earn more with our referral program, you can get involved.